(/ starts handing out cupcakes to random students)

{ ; s e v e n t e e n

There’s a low hum through the dorm as Angela slowly rises from her bed, suspiciously rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she glances into the darkness. Her eyes register nothing, at first, until a pale light illuminates the end of her bed and a soft melody of the familiar birthday song wafted towards her.

Her lips curved into a small smile as she scrambled to crawl towards the candle-lit cake that sat hovering above her four-poster, taking it into her lap. Being the young spirit that she was, she shut her eyes tightly, ready to blow out the candles — until she realised she didn’t know what to wish for. She was more than happy with what she had, so what could she possibly ask for?

"I wish everyone else has a great 2013" She whispered, eventually, blowing out the candles and grinning at the cake before her. There was no note, no mention of who had sent it and that, in it’s own way, made her smile. Anonymous signs of affection were always one of her faves.

Plus, it gave her a reason to snoop about all the important people in her life too. 


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{ ; angela/kyungsoo


Who said I love you? And my life’s not awesome so it clearly means you are not too. (` stares at your hand) Why are you even forcing yourself to eat? You never change Angela. (` shakes his head - biting his lower lip to prevent the smile from coming out) I’m not serious, just bored. I have my fun times too. (` pouts) I- (` heaves a sigh, figuring the girl wouldn’t let this go) If I dance with you once would you let me go my own way? (` rolls his eyes - pretending to gag at the thought of her boyfriend and dormmate) I love to strangle him in my sleep, thank you. (` studies her face for reactions before reaching a hand to ruffle her hair) Forget it. I trust you.

Because I love you! (/ grins at him, completely ignoring the rest of what he had said and stares at him instead) You know me, I can’t sit still for periods of time. Even sitting here and not having something in my hand feels weird (/ laughs) Yeah, just bored equils to serious when it comes to you. I’m just saying, you should smile more. You never know who’ll fall in love with it next (/ elbows him with a sly smile, even though it means absolutely nothing) If you dance with me for at least half the night, I will let you go (/ smiles at her compromise before slapping him for the look he was giving her about her boyfriend) Hey! Woohyun is a really nice, really prefect, really amazing, really — what were we talking about again? (/ suddenly remember) Woohyun! I would appreciate it if you didn’t strangle my boyfriend in his sleep, thank you (/ blinks at him) Does this mean you’ll come with us then….? 

hocus pocus — ( gongchan & angela )


(!chuckles at how she raises her hand) Wow it seems like we’re similar, funny we’re not in the same house though (!nods) Same here, it’s like no matter how hard I try, it seems that I keep messing up these potions. (!sighs heavily) But now that I found a study partner it doesn’t seem like it will be too bad (!smiles brightly at her)

(/ pauses for a moment, eyebrows narrowing in thought) You… aren’t in Hufflepuff? (/ blinks once, noticing the ravenclaw emblem on his robes) You’re in Ravenclaw?! (/ look of disbelief as she laughs embarrassed) I thought you were in Hufflepuff and I just hadn’t met you yet (/ continues to laugh as her cauldron beside her begins to cackle and a small flame erupts right there) Oh my— (/ hurriedly tries to extinguish the flames before they grow too large and has most of it contained, until she turns to Gongchan) Do you have anymore frogs tongue left? I think I might’ve forgotten to add that… or something else (/ tries to not panic as she searches for some on the table) 

{ ; sunggyu&angela.


What- Why are we even discussing this? ( — looks at her incredulously ) I’m reading, isn’t it obvious? ( — holds up book ) We’re in the library, what else could I possibly be doing… ( — blinks at her, lowering his book ) Yeah, special. That’s great. I’m sure you find a lot of people ‘special’ ( — nods vaguely, eyes traveling back to his book )  How did you even find me, anyway?

You asked a question and I answered it. Why are you giving me that look? (/ places her open palm flat on his face and pushes the weird look he was giving her away, before turning to the book at hand, purposefully avoiding looking at him) Well… the library is a nice quiet place where no one should disturb you. You could’ve been hooking up with someone before I found you — I don’t really know, that’s why I asked (/ grins at him innocently) My special Sunggyu senses were tingling.

{ ; angela&tao.


Qurl, where have you been? It’s always been like that, u just blind, qurl.

I’ve been up your butt, Zitao.